Halito! Get your Soap out of the mailbox ASAP, it's hot!

FAQ for your BB's

  • We Release soap, lotion and other Bath and Body goodies one-two times a month. If you'd like an email reminder you can sign up here!
  • We make Melt and Pour Soap, if the soap gets dew or looks "wet". The soap has glycerin in it which is a humectant and will retain the moisture that way, it is fine to use. It's best kept in a cool dry place!
  • While we aim for our bars to be consistent, please allow for slight variation in size and color, as they are handcrafted and cut by hand.
  • Essential Oil's scent will fade faster than those scented with Fragrance oil.
  • If your Soap is scented with a vanilla based scent it may turn brown. There is nothing wrong with your soap that is Vanillin in the fragrance oil in the soap. I use a stabilizer to prevent that but, that doesn't usually last longer than 6 months or so months.
  • Sometimes we paint our bars with mica, this will wash away before the soap is finished being used. This is typical and expected.
  • The best way to get your fragrance to last throughout the day is to layer it! Soap, then a matching lotion, then matching Fragrancy! It is why we offer matching lotions & Fragrancy to our soap at every Release.
  • To get loads of bubbles in your soap try a Bubble Bag, get them here.
  • In order to best care for your handcrafted soap you can use a soap saver or a bamboo Soap Tray that will help keep the soap dry between uses and help extend its lifespan. Grab them here.
  • We're in the Madera, CA area if you'd like to pick up your order.
Questions? Let's talk here!