Halito! It's so hot outside, go get your soap out of the mailbox!

Bee Still!

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My Mission with B.B.S

Loving my Family! Doing what I can for the environment. Representing my heritage humbly, with faith and peace. Serving my Customers with trust, communication and good for you soap! Giving back to non-profits that are close to my heart.

I received my first order last week. Shipping was super fast. I loved the simple packaging and creative labels. The sample lotion and Yakoke sticker were fun surprises too. I tried the morphing moon bar first. The scent is delicate and dreamy, lingering just the right amount after rinsing. I can’t wait to try my other bars!


I have ordered so many products from Baker’s Bars and love them. My new favorite is the lip balm. They now come in a tube and I have them all over my house. Everything I have ordered has been A+


I vacuumed! 😂 but seriously I did and my house smells AMAZING! So I’m glad I waited. I love everything tons, including the lip balm, I’m a huge “chapstick gal”. The smell of that lotion is insanely delicious. I can’t stop smelling my hands now (also a BIG lotion on the hands person multiple times a day). I’m very happy with everything. I feel like I got a really good deal, too. Definitely my money’s worth.