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Shop the Latest Release

My Mission with B.B.S

Loving my Family! Doing what I can for the environment. Serving my Customers with trust, communication and good for you soap! Giving back to non-profits that mean something to me.

I’ve been buying these soaps for close to two years now. I love the fact BB creates new flavors all the time! They smell as great as they look. They work well on sensitive skin (psoriasis) as well.


These soaps are amazing! I love the way they smell! Glittery! So pretty! They are great for all skin types! I have an apple one in our camping trailer it smells amazing when I go in there. I want to try the massage bars soon! Always looking to see what Tiffany will make next she has great ideas!


I have only been a customer for a few months but wow! When I open up my shower the first thing I smell is my soap and can’t wait to get in to use it. If you suffer from a skin condition all the products really help. I bought everyone on my list soap for Christmas. The designs of the soap compliment their smell!