Halito! Welcome to BBS!

Welcome to the Soap Dish Blog!

Halito Y'all! Excited to share a piece of our world with you on the Soap dish Blog. Life's a bit of a juggle, especially as we dive into new business territory – a journey that's especially personal for me, recovering from surgery and tackling health challenges while helping to keep the family afloat. Join us for a candid peek into our day-to-day, as we navigate this adventure.

This year, my focus is on getting back into the swing of in-person events. There's something magical about connecting face-to-face, chatting about our soap, business, and the stories behind it all. Even if sales aren't skyrocketing, the joy from those interactions leaves me on cloud nine. Stay tuned for updates on where we'll be – can't wait to meet you at one of our events and share the soap love!

Hvchi Pisa La Chiki,


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